So I was at CVS the other day and noticed that all Physician’s Formula products are 40% off this week if you have an ExtraCare card! So I bought the twin concealer in yellow/light and the Shimmer Strips eyeliner trio in warm nudes

The concealer is decent. It comes in a tube and has those spongy wand applicator things, which I do like. I’ve been wearing it all day and it hasn’t noticeably caked or settled into the creases around my eye, so that’s good! The yellow counteracts my wicked dark circles fairly well, but the light is WAY to light for me. It’s the middle one in the picture above, compared to the yellow from the same product and the “light beige” tone ELF tone correcting concealer. I just used that over the yellow, and it looked pretty good!

I really love the eyeliner pencils! It’s a package of three, and the shades in this one were black, bronze, and copper. They’re all super shiny and pigmented. The pencils are twist up and plastic, so from the outside they look a little like an eyeliner pen, but the application is very much pencil. They’re super smooth and glide right on. They’re also “long-wearing, water-resistant and smudge-proof”. I put the copper on (it’s basically the color of a new penny and looks really great with my very tan skin and hazelish eyes) like ten hours ago and walked a mile home in 85 degree weather, and it’s still right where I put it, so I think that’s true! I wish they sold them individually though, because now I want this pencil in all the colors!

tl;dr Physician’s Formula concealer isn’t worth paying full price for, but their Shimmer Strips eyeliner pencils are pretty awesome.

  1. fishybaby said: Physician’s Formula is the only make-up I am allergic too. Just a fun fact for ya. xD
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