Hey! I’m (Rowan), going to London for two weeks in December, what are your vegan recommendations, food, makeup, anything?

I’m into queer/feminist/vegan/punk-y anything really, bookstores, museums, cafes, any recommendations you got would be great! I’m going to be staying a cute lil hostel and just traveling around alone or maybe with a friend or two at some points if they show up, if you also want to meet up with me and show me a cool vegan spot shoot me a PM at my personal blog here! Thanks in advance! Also If you have advice on weather stuff considering I’m from Florida and the lowest our temperatures get is like 10 degrees celsius?

I decided to do this on a whim and I’m super excited!

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Dark Wine Vegan Lipstick // $11
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is China glaze vegan?


All polishes are, not all treatments!

I'm having trouble getting a clear picture on the aromi liquid lipsticks. is the formula similar to Revlon colour stay liquid lipstick or like occ lip tar. revlon color stay was my pre vegan holy grail. thanks for you time!


As I’ve never used revlon colour stay liquid lipsticks, so I can’t tell you if they are the same. Aromi liquid lipsticks dry to matte, so they are more like lime crimes velvetines than an OCC lip tar. (basically once they dry, you can press your finger and no lipstick will come on your finger) They are matte, so not glossy.

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What are your favorite 100% Vegan and cruelty-free make-up companies?


My personal favourites are OCC, Aromi beauty, Furless, Cover FX and Pacifica
Feel free to share your favourite vegan companies with us guys!

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Another day, another @concreteminerals look 😄 this time with Kinky on the lid and Black Metal in the crease/outer corner!


Another day, another @concreteminerals look 😄 this time with Kinky on the lid and Black Metal in the crease/outer corner!

NYX sold to Loreal and is no longer Cruelty-free!

I feel like I need to reblog this twice a day, ha!

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Ion makes various vegan hair products. are their hair dyes also vegan?


Ion products that are vegan say so on the front of the product, that’s always what they say when you ask for a list online.

Hey! I'm a vegan living in Ontario, Canada. Basically, I need a list of vegan, cruelty-free mascara, foundation (BB cream hopefully too and powder) blush, eyeliner, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, soap, and toothpaste that are preferably available in Walmart or Shopper's. Think you could help? I know it's a lot to ask so thank you!


Okay, I’m not going to break down by list because that’s a lot of work, and you can probably do that yourself, but for makeup:

  • Wet n Wild is a brand that doesn’t test on animals that offers vegan products, here’s a list. Sold in Walmart.
  • ecoTools is a brush brand that is entirely vegan. Sold in Walmart.
  • Physician’s formula is a brand that doesn’t test on animals that has some vegan products. You’d have to read the labels yourself. Here’s a list of common non-vegan ingredients, their glycerin is plant derived. Sold in Walmart and Shopper’s.
  • CoverFX, entirely vegan brand. Sold in Shopper’s.
  • GOSH is a brand that doesn’t test on animals. Here’s a list of their vegan friendly products. Sold in Shopper’s.

For other stuff like conditioner, toothpaste, lotion, soap, etc, that’s probably more easy, look through our cruelty free and vegan list here, and check to see if either of them are sold at Walmart and Shopper’s by looking at their websites. Kiss My Face has some vegan products, Tom’s of Maine is entirely vegan and usually in drug stores but owned by Clorox who tests on animals, I’m not sure. I did a bit of research for makeup, but the other stuff is really only a few google clicks away! x

i'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but is all hair chalk vegan? or only certain brands?


I have no idea, nor do I know all of the brands of vegan hair chalk. I suggest you look up the specific brand you’re interested in and email the company, read the label yourself, go to their website, look it up, etc. But I can’t really help you with this little information.

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